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Frontiers in CLIL and ELT

Narva College of the University of Tartu
is delighted to invite you to our 6th international ELT conference

“Frontiers in CLIL and ELT”, March 23-24, 2017

an ELT and CLIL conference which continues the traditions of
international ELT conferences (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015) hosted by Narva College




Conference 2017 Presentations

The conference aims at providing a platform for the discussion and dissemination of research and good practices in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT) and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) with a special focus on research insights, innovative ideas and hands-on techniques.

There are three key conference sub-themes:

  • English Language Teaching and Learning (ELT)
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL);
  • Teacher Training for Multilingual and Multicultural Schools.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different countries who are eager to share their researches and experiences in the field of language teaching and learning and CLIL.

The event is supported by the USA Embassy, Tallinn, The British Council, Tallinn.

Narva College of the University of Tartu is an acknowledged centre for multicultural and multilingual education studies in Estonia, which is devoted to expanding its expertise by continuous research of education practices in Estonia and abroad.

Narva College of the University of Tartu:

  • A regional faculty of the University of Tartu
  • Centre for multicultural research in Estonia
  • Languages of instruction:  Estonian, Russian, English

We are looking forward to meeting all of you in NARVA.

a. call for papers/submission of abstracts 01.11.16– 31.01.2017
b. registration of participants 01.11.16–  28.02.2017

On-line registration for the participation in the conference is open from 01.11.16 - 28.02.2017 at the site of Narva College of the University of Tartu.

Conference Registration Fee
Early Bird Registration until January 31, 2017




40 Euro

10 Euro

25 Euro

Registration after January 31, 2017




50 Euro

15 Euro

30 Euro


The registration fee includes:
Participation to all sessions
Conference bag with the essential conference materials

Abstracts and Conference Programme Book
Coffee breaks and lunches
Opening Reception

Presentation formats:
Single paper presentation (20 min); symposium (two or three paper presentations with a follow up discussion on one topic) (40/60min), workshop (1.30 min), poster

Conference Hotel is Inger.
Discounted room prices for Conference guests are as follows:
Hotel Inger, single room, price 35 Euro
Hotel Inger, twin room, price 46 Euro

Teachers of English of Estonian schools are provided with free accommodation in double rooms in the hotel Inger (covered by the US Embassy in Tallinn).  

Travel Information
Please see section "Practical information" on the conference web-page
and visit

Social programme
More information about the social program and the detailed descriptions of the events can be obtained at the conference web-site.

  • Opening Reception - Thursday, March 23, 2017

Following the conference, conference proceedings will be available on-line on Narva College’s webpage.

Conference organizing committee:
Nina Raud, PhD, Chair  (Niina.Raud [ät]
Jesse Lee Davey (Jesse.Davey [ät], speakers’ proposals, programme
Olga Orehhova (Olga.Orehhova [ät], speakers’ proposals, programme
Zanna Razinkova (Zanna.Razinkova [ät], registration of the participants (invoicing, payment acceptance)